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What has a nutrient dense diet with supplements done for me?​

I feel great! I have energy, my moods are stable (overall), I do not experience much (if any) pain, I never go hungry, I can pass a physical, and I feel so healthy!

But it wasn’t always this way.

A few years ago I was very overweight at 220 pounds, my moods were erratic, my digestion was awful, and I was tired and miserable, all the time. I had sore feet, constant brain fog, lack of motivation, and was depressed and anxious. I had sleep apnea and snored very badly. I was a smoker. And I was taking several pharmaceuticals. I was taking Tylenol 3 and Flexural for pain, Effexor for moods , and Ativan, when needed,  for anxiety!

Through my job as an institutional Cook I was influenced to believe that fat was bad, that margarine was good, and that a high carbohydrate diet was best. I ate low fat/bad fat. I used margarine and I ate a huge amount of cereal, rice, pasta, bread and dairy. I ate low fat/bad fat, Crisco, margarine, vegetable oils. I ate a lot of processed foods that were made with bad fats, high fructose corn syrup and starch.  

One morning, February 2012, I passed out. It was the third time!

I knew something needed to change!

The first thing I did was to quit smoking. Yeah me!  

But I continued to feel sick and tired.   In May 2012 I went to the doctor. 

I was pre diabetic. Insulin resistant. 

It was the over consumption of sugar and carbs that were making me feel sick all the time. I was pre diabetic. 

The next prescription was for Metformin and I refused and vowed to reverse this diagnosis! I decided that if sugar was making my blood sugar levels fluctuate to unhealthy levels then I would eliminate sugar.  I switched to low carb eating with only Whole Foods!

When I reduced my carbohydrates and increased my healthy fat intake I lost weight fast. The first few weeks were hard for sure. This was very difficult. I would have suffered less had I known about supplements, like probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids,  B vitamins, Rhodiola, and Cod liver oil. 

Within a few months I had much more energy, my moods were stable, I was losing weight, and I felt great! 

In October of 2012, less than 1 year after being diagnosed with prediabetes, and feeling sick and miserable all the time, I had normal blood sugar levels!

Next in   October of 2012 

I stopped taking all medications! This included Tylenol 3, Effexor, Flexural and Ativan when needed! 

This was a huge accomplishment!

I followed Jimmy Moore and was interested in the Ketogenic Diet.  I dropped my carbohydrate count to 20 grams a day and concentrated on getting 80-83 percent of my daily calories from healthy fat. I have lost 80 pounds which I've kept off!  (My testimonial was included in a book called "Keto Clarity" by Jimmy Moore)I continue to eat a very low carb diet by choice. I enjoy whole foods.

 In early 2014 I decided to develop my increasing interest in nutrition by becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

 I graduated in 2016 from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and I started my business right away!

 I have since gained additional certification in Safe and Effective supplementation, an Introduction to Herbs, The Cognitive Certificate which includes Nutrition and Mental Health, Mood Disorders and Alziemers, and Mindfulness and the Neuropsychoendocrinology as well as completing the Immune Certificate which includes and Advanced course in Detoxification, Immunology, and Understanding Breast Cancer. I have also taken a  Professional Self Development course. 

Throughout my years as a Nutritional Consultant I have helped many clients achieve better health through diet and an understanding of how we are affected by the foods we eat.

 I eat healthy fats, moderate protein and unlimited vegetables. I continue to eat a low carbohydrate diet because I feel great. 

I encourage my clients to eat 3 meals a day, protein with every meal, and snacks only if needed.

My clients experience improved digestion, more energy, and better moods very quickly when they begin my Whole Foods Nutritional Program and Personalized Supplement Plan designed for their own specific needs.


After going through menopause I was struggling with mood swings, hair loss, fatigue, and weight gain. 

Alice's guidance and extreme knowledge helped me get back to the joyful and even-tempered person I had once been.   

 I am motivated again over the simplest of chores, my energy levels have increased significantly, my hair is growing back in, and I have lost weight!

Happy Client - Courtenay, B. C.

Alice genuinely cares for people and their well being through her willingness to teach and share what she’s learned about nutrition. I’ve benefited from her interest in, and suggestions for, my particular health concerns and I know others will find her just as compassionate with their nutritional issues, too!

Sharon M. - Courtenay, B. C.

Alice has helped me so much! I am a quadriplegic and, not being able to move, I gain weight very easily. I’ve been a small girl my whole life but I was starting to put on weight, my face was chubby, and my stomach was round and big. Gaining this weight made me feel very self conscious. With Alice’s help, I was able to lose 6lbs, I no longer have a chubby face, my stomach has come down, and I'm no longer self conscious about my body!

Emily F. - Courtenay, B. C.

With help and encouragement plus excellent coaching from Alice, I have changed my entire life for the better. From figuring out which supplements I needed, to a revamping of my food intake, Alice made making these changes easy and doable! Hearing her story and learning how to make changes to my diet was a game changer for me.

My changed energy levels, improved cognitive abilities, and weight loss have made this a permanent dietary change.

Thank you, Alice for your understanding, non-judgmental attitude and love. You really know your stuff and I don't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to get healthier with real food, the natural way. 

Vicki W. - Courtenay, B. C.

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My mission is to help my friends, my family and my clients understand how foods affect their energy, motivation, and focus. It is my mission to share the benefits  switching to Whole Foods  and a personalized nutritional plan that is healing, satisfying, and delicious.


My vison is to guide and support the health goals of each client, by creating individual wellness programs that include the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods, menu plans, natural sourced supplements , and lifestyle modifications.