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Heal Your Gut - 28 Day Digestion Transformation

+ Understand exactly what foods your body needs to calm and heal your digestion and leaky gut

+ Know how to burn body fat and increase your metabolism

+ Reduce your depression, anxiety, and mood swings

+ Eliminate your sugar cravings, bloating, gas, and indigestion

+ Finally get the 1-1 support and accountability you need to reach your health goals with 4 one on one consultations and support throughout the program

+ Increase your energy, motivation, mental clarity, and so much more!





Heal Your Body 90 Day Rejuvenation

+ Eight, 1hr sessions, in person, with unlimited email support available between sessions

+ Individualized step-by-step plan to meet your needs and goals

+ Everything listed in the Heal Your Gut Program!  As well as:

+ Clarification of Food Labeling including Nutritional Analysis, Portions Sizes, and Product Ingredients

+ Personalized Whole Foods Shopping Plans and Recommendations

+ Individualized Cooking Plans and Menu Ideas

+ Assistance setting up a Maintenance or Therapeutic Supplemental Program



Personalized Health Plans - 2 Hours

(or 1 appointment on specific area of concern and 1 follow up appointment) 

Options may Include the following:

One on one sessions over the phone or Face Time 

Appointment geared to the client’s Needs, Goals and Curiosities. 

Information including what nutrients are, what they do for us and how to best ensure we are getting those very essential nutrients. 

Clarification of Food Labeling 

Nutritional Analysis

Portions Sizes, and Product Ingredients

Other valuable information can include: 

Personalized Whole Foods Shopping Plans, Cooking Plans and Menu Ideas.

Assistance setting up an Effective  Supplementation Plan  

Through personalized sessions I will help you understand your individual nutritional needs.





Achieve Your Optimum Health 6 Week Whole Foods & Supplement Plan

Get my expertise and complete support

+FOUR  private sessions with me + unlimited emails

+Worksheets, recipes, and meal & menu plans that'll help you most

+Step-by-step guidance as you discover the foods and true reasons for your symptoms & deficiencies that are keeping you stuck

+Curated information to understanding your own unique body and what foods you need to eat for optimum health

+Journal, with an example of how to track valuable nutritional  information

+Have more energy, better concentration, and feel less moody.

book your free session 

I offer a complimentary session to hear your concerns and issues and offer answers to your questions.

I will explain how I can help you benefit from a

Whole Foods Approach To Healthy Living.

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I use and trust Thorne Brand Supplements.  Thorne cares deeply about where their ingredients come from. They partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility.  Better ingredients means better potency, absorption, and digestibility - and ultimately better health.